Corrugated Copper. Cost-Effective Safety.

A semi-rigid medical gas tubing (CMT) system, MediTrac® consists of corrugated copper alloy tubing with axial swaged, sealed, quick-assembly brass fittings. These fittings can connect directly to system components or to traditional copper tubing if needed. Available in long, coiled lengths, all MediTrac tubing includes an outer fire-retardant, polyethylene jacket marked at two-foot intervals.

Tubing Sizes, Specifications and Supports

Corrugated Tubing ID (NOM)0.5970.8201.0601.525
Corrugated Tubing OD (NOM)0.7881.0401.3151.840
Jacket OD (NOM)1.8751.1251.3752.125
Copper Tube Hanger Size0.75"1"1.5"2"
Maximum Spacing6'7'8'10'