Setting New Standards for Medical Tubing

Like its time-trusted parent, OmegaFlex®, MediTrac® makes quality and safety the hallmark of its design. From its patent-pending design and axial swaged fittings that ease installation to a fire-retardant jacket for added security, MediTrac meets the highest standards for performance. Where rigid copper tubing must be cleaned and cut every twenty feet, semi-rigid MediTrac installs as one long piece of pre-cleaned tubing for less contamination risk. In addition, MediTrac resists damage from seismic and building shifts for leak-free, reliable gas distribution at all times.

Model Codes

Conforming to all specifications of code 2018 NFPA 991, Meditrac meets the following code requirements:


Conforms to ASTM B103, copper alloy UNS No. C51000 and compliant to CGA G4.1 cleanliness requirements.


Low-density FR polyethylene with maximum flame-spread index of 25 and smoke density index of 50 (in accordance with ASTM E84 testing procedures)


Brass metallic, copper alloy No. CA360; cleaned to CGA G4.1 cleanliness standards; compliant with NFPA 99 and

Operational Ratings


½” – 2″ @ 185 psig
System has been tested to 3.5x rated working pressure


250 degrees F
The MediTrac System has passed a simulated fire test and will withstand temperatures of 1000 degrees F

1. Adoption of 2018 NFPA 99 model code varies by state. For a full list of states that support the new code, click here.