Ingenuity on a Roll

A division of OmegaFlex®, an industry leader in metal hose design, MediTrac® corrugated medical tubing (CMT) represents the next generation of copper tubing for medical gas distribution. Revolutionary in design and American-made, MediTrac marries the benefits of traditional brazed, cleaned and capped copper tubing with long, coiled lengths that significantly reduce hot work, installation time and labor costs.

Thanks to a unique copper alloy, patent-pending design, and continuous-length rolls, MediTrac eliminates brazed sections and elbow joints that are prone to leaks and contamination. Simply roll out the length, bend it to fit the facility space as needed, and connect the source and distribution points using axial swaged, quick-assembly fittings. This adaptability makes MediTrac an ideal solution for new, renovated and retrofitted healthcare settings including: medical, dental, ambulatory, rehabilitation, clinic, veterinary and long-term care facilities.

Designed to last the lifetime of a facility and sized 1/2″ to 2″, MediTrac can be used with all K, L and DWV medical tubing for a full array of medical gases:

  • Medical air
  • Oxygen
  • Nitrogen
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Medical vacuum

Backed by Over 40 Years of Excellence

While new to the market, MediTrac relies on years of product design, engineering and testing to assure long-term durability and reliability for a variety of medical gas and healthcare uses. Backed by OmegaFlex’s legacy of metal product expertise, MediTrac builds on the benefits of copper tubing to create a new product that makes healthcare installations easier and safer to install. With the changes in the 2018 edition of NFPA 99 to include CMT, MediTrac becomes the first corrugated metal tubing designed exclusively for the healthcare industry.

A Mission of Reliability

OmegaFlex® strives to provide next generation products that help industries reduce costs while remaining on the cutting edge of technology. From ground-breaking designs to world-class manufacturing, we focus on metal tubing products that cut installation time, improve safety and reliability, and offer flexibility that makes our customers’ jobs easier. This includes MediTrac® corrugated medical tubing, which simplifies medical gas system installation, cuts labor and maintenance costs, and helps healthcare facilities assure a more uncontaminated environment.

Values that Keep Us on Track

Whether we’re introducing ground-breaking products like MediTrac® or helping customers design more efficient metal hose systems, we’re dedicated to developing products that increase customer viability and profitability without sacrificing quality. By thinking outside the traditional copper tube, for example, we’re able to match traditional copper benefits with peerless versatility and efficiency. This constant innovation, in the healthcare industry and in our own, sets us apart and inspires us to:

  • Constantly seek ways to improve our products and processes
  • Dedicate time and resources to developing adaptable piping systems to traditional rigid piping systems.
  • Respect and champion the ideas of our customers and employees
  • Play an active, educated role in our industry and the markets we serve
  • Challenge ourselves to think beyond today and look toward the future