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While MediTrac corrugated medical tubing represents the next generation of healthcare gas system design and installation, our service and support harken back to the tenets our parent company, OmegaFlex . Provide service that earns customer loyalty. Assure 24/7 support that prevents downtime. And create proven solutions that balance functionality with sustainability. We look forward to making MediTrac a key part of your next healthcare facility design or renovation. To learn more about MediTrac and how it can make medical gas distribution system easier and more cost-efficient to install, call our representatives or complete the contact form.

Up to 5x

Faster Installation

Up to 55x

Lower Costs

Up to 80%

Less Hot Work

Mathis Carlson
MediTrac®️ Technical Sales Engineer
Mobile: 484-753-9470

Reece Hoben
MediTrac®️ National Sales Manager
Mobile: 610-563-1758