MediTrac® Corrugated Medical Tubing (CMT) is an ideal solution to adding additional oxygen or other medical gas outlets (including vacuum lines) quickly and safely to address the new demands on healthcare facilities.

Description. MediTrac® is a flexible corrugated copper alloy pipe with an external fire-retardant polyethylene cover. It is supplied on easy-to-handle disposable drums in long continuous lengths – and can be quickly installed in new or renovated healthcare facilities from external supply tanks or manifolds directly to the bed head.

Installation. Installers can unreel and pull the MediTrac® through the facility in long continuous lengths. When a change in direction is needed, the installer can simply bend the MediTrac® pipe by hand without any tooling. This allows much faster installation on site than rigid copper since far fewer joints are required along the length of the pipeline. The pipe is cut by hand with a wheeled pipe cutter and the end fittings are assembled on site quickly and simply.

MediTrac® pipe is delivered to site with internal cleanliness for oxygen service and is supplied end capped and labeled as medical gas pipe, the end fittings are cleaned and degreased for oxygen service to CGA 4.1 and are packed and labelled as medical gas fittings. MediTrac® offers a number of economic and technical advantages over traditional rigid copper pipework. Size range DN15 thru DN50.

Fittings. Connecting MediTrac® CMT to valves, terminal units and existing copper pipework is completed by an anti-tamper MediTrac® fitting that makes a reliable gas-tight metal to metal seal by axial swaging the end of the tube during assembly. There is no hot work or gas purging and because there is no brazing, there are no discolored heat-affected zones or potential oxidized contamination in the MediTrac® pipe.

MediTrac® CMT has been specially designed to conform to the requirements of NFPA 99 -2018 and newer editions. The MediTrac® CMT system can withstand emergency elevated temperature exposure at 538C for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Benefits. Typically, installation benefits include up to

  • 55% reduction in total installed cost.
  • 80 to 100% reduction in brazed joints.
  • 70% fewer fittings.
  • 5 times faster to install than traditional copper pipework.

Summary. Designed to replace or work in conjunction with traditional rigid copper piping, MediTrac® CMT revolutionizes the distribution of medical gases within healthcare facilities. MediTrac’s speed of installation and flexibility of use make it uniquely suitable to meet the current demands imposed on healthcare facilities. This includes the ability to pipe medical gases and vacuum lines quickly and safely in temporary healthcare units.


MTUK 650 MT Design and Installation Guide Rev 0723

MTUK 617 MT Brochure Rev 0723

MTUK 201 MT Spec Sheet Rev 0723


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